Pokamaax table
Pokamaax table


Pokamaax Poker is a new site which offers games in No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Open-Face Chinese Pineapple, OFC Pineapple. These poker variants can be played either in cash games, tournaments or on their “Instant Play” Adobe Flash Player app. They have a generous $500 deposit bonus and a Crown Points rakeback system. Our poker scouts have observed soft $50 No Limit Hold’em and Omaha games running daily. Occasionally there will be $200 No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha game with plenty of action.

If you looking to add a soft poker room with perhaps 2 to 3 tables of between $10NL and $200NL this might be for you. Omaha games also run at the same stakes.

For the tournament players, all tournaments on Pokamaax have ZERO fee… that’s right! Pokamaax offers rake-free tournaments.

The Pokamaax poker site has partnered up with well known affiliates and are promoting themselves at live poker events such as the Asian Poker Tour.

Pokamaax offers the most numerous and diverse deposit methods available. Neteller, PayPal, Skrill and Bank transfer. Even Bitcoin transactions are possible.

Enjoy a swift deposit and rakeback deal benefits with Loyalty Rakeback here.

Loyalty Rakeback guarantees the safety of players funds during the transfer process when using an accredited Loyalty Rakeback representative.

Keep reading to learn more about the rakeback deal, get more information on game features or deposit- and withdrawal limits and processing times.

Pokamaax Poker rakeback deals


40% Rakeback.

Get Pokamaax Rakeback Deal

Free ticket to the First Depositor Guaranteed Tournament.

Contact support for assistance

If you need assistance for setting up your account, email us at wayne@loyaltyrakeback.com

How to open an account

  1. install the poker client onto your device.

    Pokammax signup
    Pokammax install
  2. click on the “Create Account” link located at the bottom of the signup window. You will beredirected to a new web page. (see “Pokamaax signup” image right)

    Pokamaax signup
    Pokamaax signup
  3. choose a Username and Password in the create account form. Add contact details including your
    Phone Number and email address. You can fill in additional information later on.

To ensure sufficient account protection, fill out the Secret Question and Answer.

Memorize the password and username that you have entered into the create account form. You will be required to enter these details whenever you wish to login.

If you have a Promotional Code remember to enter it in at this stage. If you missed this step, you can  contact the Pokamaax support team at support@pokamaax.com if you forget to do so.

Accept the terms and conditions before clicking on “Register”.

  1. confirm your email address by checking your email inbox and selecting the verification email link.
  2. registration is then completed. Get ready to play!

Poker site promotions

Deposit bonus: 100% bonus for your first deposit for amounts between $50 and $500.

Your first deposit on most poker sites usually offer you a good opportunity to build your bankroll and redeem extra points towards their loyalty players program. At Pokamaax there is no exception and they gladly offer a 100% bonus from $50 up to $500 on your first deposit!

There are some stipulations however and we want to make sure you have all the information to make your playing experience the most enjoyable.

Start playing at any of the real-money games, Sit & Go’s, or tournaments, and you’ll start earning points right away – this immediately activates the bonus and you start earning points. Money will transfer from your bonus to your account in milestones! Each milestone is a small bonus released in $5 increments, reflected into your account for every 50 points you reach.

Play more hands more often and you’ll be able to redeem your first deposit bonus at a faster rate.

The bonus expires after 60 days (approximately two months). Earn all the required points before the two months are over in order to receive the entire bonus.

View the “Locked Bonuses” found in the “Cashier” menu of the Pokamaax software, to view pending bonuses after you have made your first deposit.

Do not forget to claim your free ticket into the First Depositor guaranteed tournament.

Pokamaax Crowns Rewards

Play on Pokamaax and earn Crown Points. $1 of rake generated earns you 1 Crown Point. As you rake more your tier improves with an increased multiplier. You begin on the Iron level with a 0,5x multiplier. After earning 25 Crown Points you are promoted to the Bronze tier with a 1,0x multiplier. As you play more and your stakes increase, you will accelerate through the tiers at a faster rate.

All levels, multipliers and milestones to the next tier can be viewed here.

Exchange your Crown Points for real cash ($US)! 25 Crown Points earns you $2,50, 195 for $20 and 1400 gets you $150.

Crown levels are reset at the beginning of each month, but points are rolled over from one month to the next. Cash rewards can be exchanged at any time!

Software, security and rake

Android. Windows. iOS.

The Lobby integrates into a state-of-the-art back office system with payment management, risk management and fraud control fine-tuned to keep track of your transactions and any fraud.

Adobe Flash Player – “Instant Play” version

Launch the Pokamaax lobby instantly using Adobe Flash Player.

Mobile app versions

Available on iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ platforms.

Payment options

Neteller. Skrill. VISA. Bitcoin.

Deposit & withdrawals

Pokamaax allows deposits via Skrill, Maestro, Master Card, Visa, Visa Electron, Neteller and WireCard.

For Bank Transfers, Bitcoin and other means of payment or for further assistance regarding deposits,
please contact us directly.

Pokamaax offers the most numerous and diverse deposit methods available. Neteller. PayPal. Skrill. Bank transfer. Bitcoin. Internal fees are waivered across all deposit methods. The Neteller deposit method is instant. Other electronic methods take up to 12 hours. Banking transfers will take between 3 to 24 hours.

Cashout history and processing time

Cashing out is processed through bank tranfer, Neteller or Skrill. Neteller processing time is instant. Skrill transfer take up to 12 hours. Bank transfers take up to 24 hours.

Traffic & games review


The Pokamaax site traffic is on the low end of the poker sites we have reviewed so far. The tournament schedule is also a lot sparser with only 4 events per week day. This means Pokamaax acts more as a supplementary poker site to players looking to multi-table.

Cash games

NL Cash: low- 2-3+ Tables/ $10nl- 50nl
Med- 1-2+ Tables/ $100nl- $400nl
High- 1 Table running maybe twice a week($400Nl+)
Note: This site is ideal for a multi site grinder looking to add 1-2 soft tables

PLO Cash: Low- 1-2 Tables/ $10PLO- 50PLO
Med- 1-2+ Tables/ $100plo- $400PLO
High- 1 table running maybe twice a week
Note: As of September 2018, there have been two good tables of $1/2 running.


The tournament schedule has events running Monday to Sunday, with each tournament type starting at the same time each day. Two additional events are added on a Saturday and Sunday. Tournament name, time and details as follows:


3PM GMT+7 (10AM in Cape Town, South Africa. 6PM Sydney, Australia)

Weekend Dragon

Saturday and Sunday 2PM & 5PM GMT+7 (9AM & 12PM in Cape Town, South Africa. 5PM & 8PM Sydney, Australia)

Their self-proclaimed premier tournament with longer blind level and bigger prize pools.

Midnight Turbo

12AM GMT+7 (7AM in Cape Town, South Africa. 3PM Sydney, Australia)

A $2 rebuy and addon event to wrap up the tournament evening.

Daily Dollar Series

10PM GMT+7 (5PM in Cape Town, South Africa. 1AM Sydney, Australia)

A $1 rebuy and double addon event

Daily X-PLOsion Series

8PM GMT+7 (3PM in Cape Town, South Africa. 11PM Sydney, Australia)

A $5 Pot Limit Omaha tournament.

Remember all tournaments on Pokamaax have ZERO fees.

Open Face Chinese Pineapple, OFC Pineapple

Players are dealt 13 cards each. First a hand of 5 cards then 4 subsequent rounds of three cards each. A card is discarded face-down after each subsequent round. Each player must place all thirteen cards in the ‘top’, ‘middle’ and ‘bottom’ row. You are trying to build poker hands with the strongest row being the bottom row, next strongest in the middle row; with the third row being your weakest hand. OFC has no betting rounds and is instead scored with points. A point is awarded each time your row beats your opponent’s row. Bonus points are won for making higher tier hands called “Royalties”. A “Fantasy Land” bonus round is awarded by playing a pair of Queens or higher in the top row. Make sure your lower rows are stronger than your higher rows or your entire hand will become forfeited, called “Fouling”.

Bad Beat Jackpot

Have your bad luck reversed instantly by winning the Bad Beat Jackpot. Quad 2222 or better must be beaten on a “Bad Beat” table with four players dealt into the hand. If the hand goes to showdown you win the jackpot!

Learn more about the Pokamaax Bad Beat Jackpot here.


Daily freerolls offer you additional chances of boosting your bankroll.

TIP: take advantage of players absent at the table by raising often preflop.

Do not get discouraged by the larger field size, the tournament usually starts with many players sitting out.

TIP: play solid and concentrate in the later rounds when the field thins out.

Gameplay and game features

Game customization

Edit or adjust the table theme, cards- and table settings. With so many different poker playing styles its important the user can adjust their gameplay settings too. Pokamaax poker has provided plenty of options to customize your settings to best suit your playing needs – this makes us very happy indeed!

Pokamaax poker card options
Pokamaax poker card options
Pokamaax poker table options
Pokamaax poker table options
Pokamaax poker table themes
Pokamaax poker table themes


510 Piece Pokerset FREE GIVEAWAY
510 Piece Pokerset FREE GIVEAWAY

Loyalty Rakeback is running a 510 Poker Chipset Giveaway. Learn more and sign up here.


Pokamaax is a new poker site which often means they have a few kinks to iron out before competing with more of the established poker sites out there. We do wish for their traffic to be a bit higher but we like the interface and the zero fee tournament buy in means the prize pools are padded nicely.


Up to 50% rakeback with Loyalty Rakeback.

Get Pokamaax Rakeback Deal


If you need assistance for setting up your account, email us at wayne@loyaltyrakeback.com

Provide your contact details in your email and we can contact you on your preferred means of communication. Skype and WhatsApp are both available.

Company information
Website name (Asian Network) Pokamaax
Url https://www.pokamaax.asia/
Network Pokamaax Asian Network
Restricted countries
Company support contact information General Questions: contact@pokamaax.com

Technical Questions: support@pokamaax.com

Agent Questions: affiliate@pokamaax.com

Cash-in / out Questions: cashier@pokamaax.com

Security Questions: security@pokamaax.com

More support options here: https://www.pokamaax.asia/home/help-support/


Primary languages in English, French and Vietnamese.

Software capability Adobe Flash Player, iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

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